Somehow I thought this would be easier to manage. That life in its infinite wisdom would shine a light on my new purpose and I would just journey forward into that. But it’s hard to journey ahead with a broken heart. It’s kind of like trying to run with a broken leg. You just sort […]


For Love and Loss

I can go through it a thousand times in my head, but the answers still remain the same. It is a fundamental flaw for me to want to mold myself into something for the sake of someone else because it feels like that is the only way they are going to love me. If a […]


Of Brighter Horizons

Some days feel like nothing is happening. No inspiration, no forward momentum, just a pause in the world. It is on those days that it’s important to realize how much of the road has actually been traveled. Sure, maybe you aren’t exactly where you thought you should be at this very moment. Maybe you feel […]