On Being in Female Human Form

I am exhausted of watching you run away. Don’t you see that you are dragging on the inevitable? Don’t you see that you are not the first one to turn away when I when we were breaking? You are not the first one to refuse the responsibility of loving us or being there, but you will most certainly be the last. We refuse to let anyone else into this life that is incapable of loving us and seeing us for what we truly are. We are the goddesses your families warned you about. We are the independent women that speak our mind and do not run away from the truth.

The world sees how unfair it is to turn a blind eye to suffering now. The world sees how important it is not to ignore ignorance. Doing nothing is the same as taking the side of the oppressor. Like so many brown and black brothers and sisters before us, we will stand in solidarity. We will stand while others walk away, too scared to face reality. We will stand for every human denied their basic civil rights and every child who is told they are too bossy for the parts between their legs. Expect us.

One Comment

  1. Mikey

    The world is far more aware than the worlds masters are aware of.

    I agree with you, thematically on this piece; I would recommend a reading of Shakespeare’s “Tymon of Athens”, in which this theme is thoroughly explored.

    “He’ll to the woods, where he’ll find the most unkindest beast, far kinder than mankind.”

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