A warrior is a warrior regardless if there is a battle or if they are walking along a shady path. Awareness is always paramount. You may not always see your opponent coming, but there is always a need to be prepared. It is important to remember that you can only reveal your experience in battle, and this will be true as well for your opponent.  This is true regardless of the battle you are facing. The blind man will come from the point of view of having experience training and experiencing the world blind. They cannot tell you what the back of their own hand looks like.  All they know is there habit and their own life training. If they are lucky they will come from having a good teacher and overcome great adversity. The warrior who trains with his ego, will always have his ego as his weakness. How you train is how you will live.

The surest way of failing is to forget that at the end of the day you are walking your own path. This path is not that of your friends, or your family or even your lovers … this path is your own. No other soul will recognize the intricacies of this path but you, nor understand the shortcuts that have lead you here. You are the master of this battle path and the creator of this life. Only you will know the best way to continue and also how best to end it. Many will see in your path only all the bridges you have left behind and not the storms you have overcome or the scars you have survived. Nonetheless, you will always have to be prepared for the next opponent. A warrior is a warrior for life.

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