It’s as if by some miracle sometimes that I even exist at all. Maybe this is not how you should feel about yourself, but it’s the truth. And despite the undeniable odds we all still seem to exist in the vast darkness of space. Unaware whether we have distant neighbors in the vastness. Any instant we can we struck down and life would literally stop. Just by luck, by some miracle, does this blue planet hold just the right ingredients to hold and sub stain life. And it’s not just birds and fish. It holds life that can happen along questioning their existence.

Or even more insane, it contains life that goes around worrying about what other life might perceive it as.  I don’t know how I’ve come to be so lucky. Even at the edge of nothing I have always seemed to make it out, as if by some spectacular leap of faith from the darkness. And so have we all. This blessing alone should cause us to appreciate every moment. But we still pause, unable to breathe. We are overcome by life’s trivialities.

We discourage abstract thought or play as if we are just some after birth of the human condition. All the while we are forgetting how fleeting and precious this all is. Existence itself is adventure and chance, but also these little painful moments we are reminded how fragile humanity really is. 


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