In the wind.

As I sit here, on the brink of extreme change it’s hard not to reflect of what my experiences in life have taught me about people not just in the past year, but in the sum of my collected experiences. I can think of times I was just as terrified (if not more so) and somehow being able to survive. There is a certain peace in the battle. Once you are in it, there is a certain exhilaration … a rush if you will. What a rush this has all been. Looking back, I can see a thousand things to be thankful for as well as the unfortunate setbacks which have at times left me speechless (or at least crying in the fetal position on the cool marble floor of my apartment). What a beautiful roller coaster of emotion this year has turned out to be. I am still in awe of how much I did not see coming despite the hours of inner reflection and months of healing. It’s as if the universe knew, and was trying to divinely prepare us.

This reminds me of that old saying about making plans and then the universe laughs in your face about them … because who do you think you are making plans? There are no guarantees in this life except that none of us are making it out alive. So now is as good a time as any. Hug a friend. Kiss the one you love. Share your truth. Don’t wait for the world to put their spin on your reality. Cherish this wild roller coaster ride while you still have the strength to hold on. As for me, I’ll be on the road forward.

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