When Life Gives you Lemons

On a good day I would say it might be a good time for tequila … however … these are still not those kind of lemons. People say a lot of awful things when they are trying to move forward from something sometimes … not all of it is true or pleasant. As much as one tries to stay true to their own soul, one can’t help but exude a certain amount of bitterness when you feel you’ve been wronged. No one wants to see themselves as the villain or dead weight in someone’s life … least of all do they want to find out that’s what people think of them. We are all the heroes in our own stories. Some are tragic heroes, trying to come up from the ashes and failing time and time again. Others are legendary, finding good things everywhere they go … living seemingly perfect golden lives … this is not one of those stories but neither is it severely tragic.

While it is sad to feel lost and like your heart has been ripped out of your chest, it is sadder still not to feel anything at all. It would feel disingenuous to say that all I am feeling is my own sadness … my own suffering … for I also carry the burden of those who carry burdens over me. In a way, that makes me the Goddess of Tears or the Goddess of  Other People’s burdens along with being The Drunken Goddess.

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