For Love and Loss

I can go through it a thousand times in my head, but the answers still remain the same. It is a fundamental flaw for me to want to mold myself into something for the sake of someone else because it feels like that is the only way they are going to love me. If a person loves you, you should be enough. They should see your scars and not run screaming into the night or find excuses to tell themselves that just with a little bit of tweaking you will be brand new. Love makes a new person of you all on its own. Two people in a long enough relationship do not walk away the same as they started, regardless of how it may end up. If you do, you have suffered a greater loss than a solitary broken heart. You are dooming yourself to repeat this step until you finally fall completely, as is your calling to do so in order to learn your truth.

Should I sit here and tell you that loving someone completely is going to be easy? Should I stand here and say that getting drunk on the emotional high isn’t going to mean pushing yourself past that comfort zone you have worked so hard to stay behind?

I will tell you dear, like I am telling myself:

Love is unconditional. It does not string you into a box but lets you move freely. Love doesn’t hold things above your head. It sees you as an equal human with equal capability.

Never forget you are worth having this.

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