Of Brighter Horizons

Some days feel like nothing is happening. No inspiration, no forward momentum, just a pause in the world. It is on those days that it’s important to realize how much of the road has actually been traveled. Sure, maybe you aren’t exactly where you thought you should be at this very moment. Maybe you feel in a worse place than you’ve ever been, or even alternatively in the best place you’ve ever been. You still made it. You’re here, reading this and breathing. The same can’t be said for everyone.

Looking back for myself I can say I’m not where I thought I would have been by now. But I’m here, and I’m breathing and my trail has come a long way. Maybe I still have a few scars left to heal. Maybe my hopes and dreams will crash and burn spectacularly. Or maybe, just maybe, they will sparkle like  a thousand bits of gun powder lighting up in the light sky.

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